Week 2-4 Ignite Phase


IGNITE PHASE- This phase last for two to four weeks

I learnt these two weeks were about

Burn-Sculpt and Restore that sounds good to me


I also learnt there was a workout calendar with it as well.

I certainly felt the Bloat gone and I felt a lot better in energy and health.

I still felt ready to continue and had followed the meal plan as well.

The meals were different yet seemed easy to make as well and tasty.




Hi First thing I must do is to weigh myself to see how this is working weight wise!

OMG my weight is ……………….


I know my clothes are fitting me better and the programme is right I haven’t that ugly bloat I was experiencing.


I’m on week  two called IGNITE PHASE and it is going to get tougher for me as I’m not a committed exercise person and I need to add 30 minutes of strength training,(2 days) and 30 minutes of high cardio(2 days) and some fat burning exercise.


I have looked at the menu’s and they seem easy to follow and the ingredience is okay as well.


Started well and have got through the first day.

I haven’t felt TIRED or NO ENERGY or Hungry.

This is a fantastic bonus for me.

I love the fact I can have egg whites!!

I mix eggs, (protein and fat) and oatmeal and its yummy for both of us.


I have 2 shape tablets to BURN and ignite the metabolism a half an hour before the healthy shake at mid morning.   So far all is good and still easy.


Not hungry but ready for eating PFC every 3, which is lunch. Its Salmon-Avocado and brown rice and tastes yummy as I already have it prepared.


Need to SCULPT my body so have to have 30 minutes of exercise so have chosen to walk the stairs, as this is all I have in my house? It’s a fat burning exercise so I think I should do every day, as this is my worst enemy.


Wow 30 minutes my legs were burning and I felt like an old lady climbing the stairs at the end. Glad no one was watching.


Boy I’m ready to RESTORE with my Zen Protein shake now although I’m not hungry really.


Dinner is yummy as we have some lean steak –yummy and some Broccoli, my favourite and its really good for you with spinach and some salad dressing, which gives it, more flavour.


Feeling really pleased with myself!!!








I feel great having kept to a plan. I followed the rules for the first time and feel very proud of myself.

I also got on the scales and had lost 3 kg but more inches that I was excited about. Through the week straight away I could feel better especially around the stomach area and my clothes fitted better-how nice.

It was the first time I didn’t feel hungry through the week in fact it was easy to continue with the eat every 3.

Day 1

Day 1  My first day starting on this new journey of my new programme of weight management.- Seen it all before!!


I have always wanted to commit to a programme that I can follow with the support to move forward and not give up after a few days or weeks!


This programme has 3 easy to follow phases how good is that. Everyone wants it easy and simple so you can stick with it and maintain it.

Clean-Sculpt and Restore


I needed to balance my plate by eating PFC Every 3

Learnt that meant Protein, Carbohydrates and Carbs


Then I needed to know my portion size- this was a bit tricky as protein was one palm full (3oz) wow that wasn’t much!


Carbohydrates – 1 fist full (30z) not much either

Fats – 1 thumb full (3oz) reasonable


Detox is the first week so boy am I ready to loose all this bloat.

Also you cleanse out the digestive system and I believe I have rusty pipes in there.

This will make me a fat burning machine how cool is that!!!

They call it Cut –  Begin cutting foods that bloat


Clean- Eat clean foods that Cleanse your body

and flush- the toxins with Water

This sounds simple and also recipes to follow- well I can do that as long as the recipes are not to difficult to make and too time consuming.


I woke up and went for my normal walk on Cottosloe beach and a swim- How refreshing although the water is so-o cold in the mornings here in Perth. The water is coming from the Antartic and it certainly feels like it! I am getting a work out dancing around in the water trying to get under – it must look a site from the sand if anyone is watching.


I came home and decided to make the first recipe for the programme.

It was easy as it was pancakes made of eggwhites, cinnamon, and peanut butter with banana.  I then added berries on top with sprinklings of chia seed and peppitas.

My husband added allsorts of fruit and natural yoghurt on top. It looked sensational and better than at the restaurants we go to so quite proud of this tasty dish. I also made this for my husband and he loved it too. What a pleasant surprise!


We sat out on the alfresco and had a wonderful tasty breakfast together- a great start to the day. Really important to nurture your time together if you can.


Then I get to 10.00 and its time to take the Protein Shake with water and ice. Its very nice only a little sweet. This made me wonder do they awful sugar in this and so I did my normal study to find its okay its stevia.


Lunchtime – wow eating something every 3 hours not used to this!

This was easy it was chicken with salad. I could handle this as it had strawberries and avocado with it very nice.


Then another 3 hours and its protein shake time again quite like it!


Then tea time and I cooked Salmon with asparagus and …….

This was shared with my husband too so that worked well and he thought it was yummy – my words!


Wow day 1 was over and I thought the meals and day went well.

I knew I could repeat this, as it included my husband as well.




Wow that was what I wanted

Do you want to:

Burn fat- YES

Increase energy- YES

Elminate sugar Cravings- YES

Build muscle -= not really

Achieve permanent results – YES


An Easy 3 steps:

Start your transformation today- YES


Starting to think about the body fat I had grown on my body and lacking energy and feeling unhealthy as my clothes wouldn’t fit me made me look at a healthy easy weight management programme that was conducive to my lifestyle.

I then had to go through the process of measuring my body, and taking pictures of it!

I had to go through all the angles which wasn’t attractive.

I had already gone through this process because being on a ship and thinking I could use this time to get healthy I went through this exercise. This didn’t make me feel good!